Hello big not so scary world

My humble beginnings start out in a small town of Marsing ID. I grew up on a farm. The nearest town was 8 miles away with 700 people. There were 50 kids in my class so I got to know everyone pretty quickly. It was a blast growing up on a farm. I learned to grow food, take care of livestock, and really respect the land and what it produced for us. Nature taught me a lot about how the world works, until I started watching TV.

All i knew growing up was that we lived out in the country living the easy life. No crime rate, no murders, I don’t even remember any of our neighbors having a dispute. I just thought that is the way the world worked. After I got a little older my dad bought us a big old tv to sit right in the middle of the living room. The nights we used to lay around laugh and play board games was over. Pretty much after dinner the TV came on and we stopped talking to each other. The television began to control the evening. And you better believe it we believed everything we saw on TV.

At this point we had just finished a war but were looking to start another one with somebody. Everybody is a terrorist or a bad guy in the eyes of the sheltered american people that all they have to listen to is Bush and CNN. Which stands for Constant Negative News. Or fox studios, what a joke. Comedy central conducted a study back in 2012. They interviewed 1000 people who watched fox news as their main media source and 1000 people that didn’t watch any form of news or media. The people that never watched TV were more informed and politically correct than the people that watched fox news. I couldn’t believe it, but after I thought about it, it made complete sense.

Growing up being programmed by the tube really did some damage on me. I was afraid of everything. The economy crashing, the communists taking over, terrorists attacking little old Marsing ID, and someone coming in the middle of the night to shoot and rape our family. How can you blame me, that is all that is ever on. They never talk about how a dolphin saved a lady from drowning in Maui, or the fact that CBD oil and UV lights are curing cancer. These are the things we should be talking about. Positivity brings more positivity.